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Are iPhones, iPads, internet access or gaming devices permitted?


How are the Med-O-Lark sessions organized?

A full session at Med-O-Lark runs four weeks.  Every summer, two-four week sessions are offered.  Each of these sessions contains two-week options. There are four two-week sessions to choose from.

Campers can also choose a six- or eight-week length of stay.

Where is Camp Med-O-Lark?

Med-O-Lark is located in picturesque Washington, Maine. We are a 25 minute drive from Camden to our East and the Maine coast and 25 minutes from Augusta to our West.  The Portland Jetport, which services many major domestic cities, is a 75 minute drive to our South. Many parents take advantage of our lovely location to enjoy their own vacation in Maine!

When can I visit my child?

Med-O-Lark has an open visitation policy.  Parents can visit at anytime. This policy has been met with favorable feedback when compared to a formal visitation day. It is less stressful for the children, staff, administration and parents.  Enjoy a laid back afternoon with your children! Please keep in mind, Thursdays are trip days and not ideal for visiting.

What is included with camp tuition?

Camp tuition is all inclusive.  There are two optional extras: Horseback riding and the Whitewater Rafting trip.  There isn’t any canteen or vending machine where campers would need money at any time.  Senior campers go on special trips where money is given at a parent’s option, but not required.

How do campers get to camp?

Med-O-Lark has chartered, chaperoned buses from NYC, Rye/CT and Newton, MA.  These are scheduled on the beginning and ending dates of the four week sessions.  For two week campers, please contact us for additional options. Chartered, chaperoned buses and vans service Logan Airport in Boston, MA and Portland Jetport in Portland, ME. on all travel/turnover days.  Staff are with children at all times picking up and dropping off.

Parents also have the flexible option of driving to camp to drop off and pick up.

What if my child is homesick?

Homesickness is a common issue for camps.  It can affect new as well as returning campers for different reasons.  The effective remedy for homesickness is plenty of warm, friendly engagement.  Our Med-O-Lark family goes into high gear to supply this when one of our members exhibits homesickness.  In the vast majority of cases, homesickness is beat with engagement and ample time given to allow children to find their stride and make friends.  It is a very small percentage of children who cannot complete their length of stay.

What forms must I fill out before camp begins?

Once a Registration form is completed online, medical, emergency contact, transportation and  permission form links will be emailed to you. All but the medical forms can be submitted back electronically.  The medical forms parts 1 & 2 need to be printed out and signed by the physician and scanned/mailed to us.

What is the communication policy?

Med-O-Lark allows campers the use of a phone call, free of charge, USING OUR PHONES, during their free time between 5-6 pm. on class days.  Trip day (Thurs.) and lazy day (Sun.) usage time is varied.

Email is optional for one-way or two-way communication through the BUNK1 system.  This requires parents to set up an account with BUNK1 and a cost is incurred for each email sent and received.

Pictures are available to view each day at no cost through the BUNK1 system.

Separate information on BUNK1 is furnished to all enrolled camper families.

Snail mail is still the best and preferred method for communication at camp. We have a working Post Office where children love to recieve old-fashioned, creative snail mail!

Are packages allowed?

Yes.  Please exercise moderation.

Are there any mandatory clothing purchases to make?

No.  However, items with the MOL logo are available from the clothing retailer we have partnered with.

Does my camper need to bring bedding?

Campers bring their personal bedding by choice.  Many children prefer their creature comforts from home and are welcome to bring them to camp.   However, bedding  and linens are available for campers who don’t mind using the general linen/bedding supply. 

Are there any age or skill restrictions for any activities?

No.  All offerings are designed for all ages and skill levels.

Will my child be assured to participate in all the activities they choose?

We do our very best to make sure the children are happy with their daily structure.  While an activity might be full in a certain period, it is usually open in another. When informed, staff help in finding the open periods for campers to arrange their schedules in order to experience what they hope to.  Please reinforce to your child, our message to advocate for yourself and ask for assistance when needed, especially in this category at camp. We will be able to fulfill all requests, excepting waterskiing.

Our only true bottleneck is waterskiing. We safely run four speedboats, which is robust for any camp.  Periodically, this proves to be short of demand. Therefore, this activity cannot be guaranteed to any camper.  For campers who do not find an opening, we will use our free time and lazy day to provide this experience for them.

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