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Evening Events

Every night at Med-O-Lark is fun and different. Med-O-Lark takes pride in the quality and variety of its  Evening Programs. Each night, every Med-O-Lark camper is involved in an Evening Program either as a participant or as a spectator. The staff and campers work hard to create engaging and original activities that foster a sense of community. Some of the most popular Evening Programs are staff and camper talent shows, international nights that emphasize the discovery and exploration of new cultures, sharing nights for promoting new friendships, cabin nights for bonding with cabin mates, camp fires for gathering outdoors, special appearances by guest performers, luau nights, lake cruises and the exciting Med-O-Lark pageant.

Special Events

Med-O-Lark has a long standing tradition of treating campers to a daylong celebration on the 4th of July. Among other activities, campers enjoy a barbecue lunch and patriotic reenactments. Halfway through each four week session, International Day is held as a celebration of our cultural diversity.

At the end of each four week session, there are three full days of festivities for campers to enjoy and celebrate their Med-O-Lark experience. There are several theater, dance, and musical performances, as well as the formal opening of the Art Show. Parents are welcome to attend these activities.

During these festivities, the Carnival is held. Carnival begins with the Circus Show. Filled with color, excitement and fun, the Carnival is complete with all traditional carnival activities, games, foods and rides. On the final night of each session, a traditional closing Banquet, complete with delicious food, is enjoyed by all. The entire camp eats together on the main field. The night is as fun as it is tasty.

During the closing ceremonies, campers enjoy a slide show, a concluding camp fire, and a very special Candlelight Ceremony. On this special night, campers celebrate the Med-O-Lark community, their amazing summer and, most importantly, the friends they have made who they will treasure forever.

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