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Fine Arts

All art activities are led by professional artisans or college students majoring in the arts. As a result, campers receive high-quality instruction.

Med-O-Lark is home to one of the largest and most all-encompassing Fine Arts programs of any camp. Camp life revolves around the Art Barn, located in the center of camp, and the many studios specifically designed and built for each art program surrounding it.


In the extremely popular and well-equipped ceramics studio, what can be created is only limited by a camper’s imagination. Campers can hand build pieces, create sculptures and busts, make tiles, or learn to throw a pot on a wheel.

The talented staff and adult artisans are always able to guide campers as they learn about clay, glazing, firing and the production of finished pieces.

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Metal Smithing/Metal Jewelry

Enabling students to learn techniques necessary to create metal jewelry, this studio focuses on pieces such as necklaces, belt buckles, medallions, rings, earrings and chains. The work is done

in copper and silver and students are encouraged to incorporate other materials into their projects, such as stone settings and enameled pendants.

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Enameling is one of the most ancient and durable of all art forms. It is the art of fusing glass to metal at high temperatures. With a special kiln housed in the studio, campers use copper or silver bases to apply colored designs and produce pieces that highlight the luminosity, depth, and variety of color rare in such pieces of fine metal. Classes include silver Cloisonne, etching, and many other techniques. Even though this program is professionally run, all campers are successful and will bring home some wonderful items that they will be proud of.

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In this expansive studio, campers create beautiful jewelry and accessories. The studio is equipped with a wide array of materials, and the staff teach many new and innovative techniques for working with beads. Campers create necklaces of every shape, coin purses, chandelier earrings, beaded brooches, Fimo beads, dream catchers, woven bead bracelets and much more.

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Candle Art

Housing one of Med-O-Lark’s most unique programs, the Wax House includes soap making, incense, essential oils and wax sculpting. Candle making, however, remains the staple of the Wax House. Despite the obvious beauty of the finished candles, the process of creating them is fairly easy for most campers. As a result, the Wax House is always teeming with activity. Candle types that campers create include ribbon candles, sand candles and sculpted candles. A resident wax artist helps campers manage the “dipping” process, which involves continuously coating a candle’s wick with layers of colorful wax.

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Handmade soaps are fun to make and each one is a unique piece of art. Campers mix their color palette and design their own soap using techniques like layering and curling. Campers use the “Melt and Pour” method and add wonderful things like botanicals, essential oils and fragrances. Rose petals, lavender, poppy seeds and coffee not only look wonderful, but they help make skin healthy. Campers also make lip balm from beeswax. Soapmaking excites all the senses in its practice but most of all it feels great to make something beautiful that you can use. Great for all ages, campers learn to wrap and package soaps for gifts and for personal use.

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Flameworking/Hot Glass

In this modern, fully equipped studio, an experienced glass worker instructs campers in the art of glass sculpting. Campers use torches to melt colored glass rods. Once melted, campers shape and form the liquefied glass into small sculptures, utensils and decorative marbles. Med-O-Lark’s trained staff works closely with the campers to ensure complete safety.

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The ancient art of basketry is alive and well in this popular studio as campers learn the weaving techniques necessary to create beautiful custom baskets.

The baskets are made from all natural materials and can be woven with varying patterns while incorporating colorful fibers.

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Stained Glass

Campers choose from an extensive variety of colored and textured glass to make stunning works that reflect light, like only glass can. By using patterns or creating their own designs, campers have the opportunity to create multiple pieces, incorporating their own ideas into their work. Camper projects include picture frames, candle holders, landscape wall hangings and sun catchers.

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Stone Carving

Using rough-hewn blocks of soapstone in this studio, campers shape and carve beautiful creations that can last forever. Campers create small sculptures, pendants, vases, candlestick holders, clock inlays, sundials and plenty more!

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Woodturning Woodburning & Woodcarving

Shop-Smith lathes are employed to teach children how to turn blocks wood into decorative and useful creations. Campers gain valuable experience working with these multi-faceted tools. Chisels are used to shape and grind projects like bowls, spindles, pens, ice-cream scoops and much more.

A unique variation of Woodcarving, campers use pencil-like precision instruments to literally burn sketch lines, incisions and nal strokes into different species of wood to create everlasting works of art. The tools for this activity are electric implements that provide just enough heat to be able to burn detailed pictures and drawings into a variation of wooden items..

Wood carving is a time-tested camp favorite, campers use exacto knives to carve and decorate wood of all species, shapes and sizes. Oils, pastels and water based paint for coloring and shading are available to enhance the creations. Many campers even design frames to complete their work. Our Native American Art studio has quality instruction provided for proper teaching methods as well as ample supervision.

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A time-honored handcraft synonymous with camp, campers learn to cut, shape, stitch, adorn, stain and enjoy their creations in leather. Moccasins, pouches, boots, handbags, belts, are just some of the many finished products that are manufactured in this studio. Supple elk-hide is most commonly used as the raw material for these projects. It is durable, handsome and easy to work with. It absorbs oil based paint thoroughly, for easy and precise decoration and it is soft enough to be stitched for practical uses.

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Duct Tape

Oh the wonderful things made out of tape! Who knew the handyman’s secret fix-it-all is such a fabulous medium to create with? Bursting with an array of colors, campers manufacture items as diverse as quilts, dresses, ip- ops, wallets, masks, hats, show props and a million other items! Extremely fun and popular, Duct Tape Art has been offered at Med-O-Lark since its founding in 1967.

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Drawing and Painting

A beautiful, spacious 200 year old barn is centrally located amongst Med-O-Lark’s many art studios. In here, adult instructors teach children techniques and styles in painting, drawing, sketching, cartooning, anime, graffiti and more. Campers choose from a wide variety of media with which to create. These include, oil, pastel, watercolor, pen and ink charcoal and conte. The specially designed layout of workspaces allow for artists to enjoy comfort and to be inspired in a beautiful setting. An Open Studio elective is offered for campers who wish to use their imagination and work on projects of their own choosing.

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Featuring a darkroom complete with six enlargers and manual film cameras, Medolark’s photography program offers instruction in traditional black and white photography and film developing. In the dark room, campers are taught all aspects of film developing including composition, lighting and processing. In addition, the studio is home to a burgeoning digital photography program. Equipment used by campers in this workshop includes digital cameras, computers and printers. The talented staff trains campers to take, develop, modify and present all types of pictures and videos. In the video production studio, campers write, direct, film, star in and edit their own movies.

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Digital Arts

Art in Motion! Med-O-Lark’s Digital Arts Film/Video studio is equipped with a full line of state-of-the-art hardware and software enabling campers to enjoy electives such as Virtual Reality 3D printing, Digital Animation, Claymation, Game Design, Moviemaking and much more!

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Fabric and Textile Arts

Med-O-Lark’s Fabric and Textile Art programs allow campers to create using silk, cotton, wool, felt and more. Campers are taught construction and alteration techniques with which to manufacture pillows, puppets, garments and accessories and other projects. A wide range of sewing, knitting, and other equipment is available for use in the two Fabric/ Textile Studios where the possibilities are limitless!

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