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Camper Agreement

The following guidelines are designed to ensure that camp is a happy, safe, and productive community for everyone. Experience has shown that it is very unlikely that these issues will affect you. However, it is necessary that we have this agreement for mutual understanding. These are the conditions under which we accept your participation. Read them carefully. On the first full day in camp, we will have a meeting with you and your cabin where you will be asked to reaffirm your commitment to these guidelines.

Violation of the following guidelines will result in the immediate dismissal from camp without a refund of the tuition. Transportation costs and arrangements will be the responsibility of parents or parental appointed guardians.

  • The use or possession of alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, or any non-prescribed drug is prohibited at camp.
  • Physical violence, actual or the threat of, is prohibited at camp.
  • Sexual activity and/or sexual harassment are prohibited.
  • Use of epithets, innuendos or slurs because of an individual’s race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical or mental disability, or familial status is prohibited at camp. Such language is antithetical to the community Medolark strives to represent and will not be tolerated.
  • The destruction of or theft of others’ belongings is prohibited. Cabin raids are considered a violation of camper rights and are also strictly prohibited.
  • Dyeing of hair, piercing, tattooing, or any other significant changing of appearance is strictly prohibited. Campers are to leave camp appearing as they arrived.
  • Leaving camp property without a counselor, leaving supervised camp areas, or leaving cabins at night without a counselor or permission is prohibited.

Med-O-Lark is a supportive environment that seeks to encourage the personal growth of campers. Directors and staff are experienced in helping campers correct negative behaviors with reminders, discussions and positive alternatives. Repeated or multiple violations of the following guidelines, however, will result in dismissal from the camp. Transportation costs and arrangements for early dismissals will be the responsibility of parents or parental appointed guardians.

  • All cabins are private spaces for their residents. Campers are not permitted to enter other people’s cabins at any time.
  • To protect the privacy of all members of the Med-O-Lark Community, photography of any kind is not permitted inside camper cabins.
  • Campers may not be in unsupervised areas without a counselor present.
  • PDA refers to the Public Display of Affection that the camp considers inappropriate. This does not include casual affection shown in open, non-exclusive friendships. The camp does not approve of exclusive couple relationships.
  • Camper attendance at camp activities is mandatory unless the nurse or director permits the absence.
  • Safety rules at all program areas (i.e. the waterfront, stables, circus) are absolute.
  • Foul language and the inappropriate use of language that insults or belittles another camper or staff member are not permitted.
  • Graffiti anywhere in camp is not permitted. Campers will be required to sand off and repaint any section of camp that s/he marks with graffiti and will be fined for the cost of repair materials.
  • Respect for all living things is expected at Medolark. Wildlife, camp animals, and all the natural surroundings are to be protected, respected, and enjoyed.
  • Cellular telephones, including iPhones, are not permitted at camp. They may be safely stored in the Camp Office.

General Guidelines

  • Valuables must be kept in the Camp Office. Medolark is not responsible for valuables that are lost, stolen or left after camp unless they are in the Office.
  • Potentially dangerous items such as knives, fireworks, slingshots, or weapon-like objects should not be brought to camp.
  • All medications must be kept in the infirmary at all times, even things such as aspirin and over-the-counter medications or vitamins. This is a state health law.

 I understand that by checking this box, I am expressing my willingness to support and abide by the above Med-O-Lark guidelines. 

Summer fun, can’t wait for you to come!