• aerial view of camp
  • Kayaks waiting for campers to come use them
  • gazebo on teh lake
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About Us

Mission Statement
Camp Med-O-Lark seeks to supplement the home and school in providing children a fun, safe environment for social, mental, cultural and physical development.  


Founded in 1967 as a non-competitive, non-traditional arts camp, Camp Med-O-Lark opened its arms to the creative, the curious and those free spirited.  Ours is a place where everyone is encouraged to embrace their individualism, and where their unique talents will be nurtured to grow.  Our philosophy incorporates the belief that exposure to the Arts promotes positive self-expression in children, and that supporting artistic endeavors helps to build positive self esteem and a foundation for lifelong creativity.  Additionally, in order to provide a healthy balance in the children’s pursuits, a wide array of recreational and physical activity electives are offered to ensure stimulation of both body and mind.  Camp Med-O-Lark’s carefully constructed, diverse community draws from all walks of life and attracts campers from all corners of the globe as we feel this embodies the path for learning, growing and living most meaningfully.  

Located on a beautiful natural setting in the Maine woods, Camp Med-O-Lark exemplifies the perfect location for a summer camp.  Our camp is located on a stunning lakefront property that also houses a historic farm, providing a special place which awakens the senses like few locations can.  It’s a place filled with arts, activities, laughter and fun.  It’s a place where friendships and memories are formed that will last a lifetime.

Camp Med-O-Lark’s All-Elective activity schedule is designed for children to maximize choice and freedom.  Campers choose five, one hour programs for a two-week session block.  There is a two day drop/add period for curriculum adjusting.  There are two, one hour free periods specifically designed each day for children to socialize, play, discover, relax, read, write, breathe, or most anything else they wish to spend time doing. There is a trip day and lazy day once weekly.

Find out why Med-O-Lark is a truly amazing summer camp experience!