• Campers walking the plank
  • Kayaking campers
  • Campers swimming in the Lake
  • Frtiends jumping off the dock into the Lake


From almost anywhere on the Med-O-Lark campus there is a view of Med-O- Lark’s beautiful, crystal clear, three mile lake. The lake is the heart of the camp’s extensive waterfront program. Med-O-Lark campers enjoy a pristine and quiet lake. There is little development on the lake’s banks, and there is no commercial activity permitted on it. As a result, Med-O-Lark has the good fortune of having nearly the entire lake to itself for its activities. During the summer, the lake reaches a refreshing 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Safety is the top priority on Med-O-Lark’s lake. Certified lifeguards are on duty at all times while campers are participating in waterfront activities. In addition, Med-O-Lark employs a “buddy system” whereby campers must always swim in pairs. While at the waterfront, campers are subject to constant supervision by lifeguards and instructors who have qualifications in Water Safety Instruction and CPR/ First Aid. A diving board dock and slide dock frame the swimming area. Swimming lessons are available for beginner swimmers. Med-O-Lark’s waterfront program is outfitted with a full line of top-quality equipment to ensure fun, safe and educational camper experiences.

Four Mastercraft speedboats are the workhorses behind the excellent water skiing, wakeboarding and knee-boarding program. With specialized equipment and individualized instruction designed for first-time to advanced skiers, Med-O-Lark provides opportunities for beginners to learn and for more advanced riders to perfect their techniques and learn new tricks. Med-O-Lark offers sailing for the beginner with Sunfish and Hunters.  A large number of kayaks and canoes are always in use at camp. Med-O-Lark’s swimming area is equipped with a slide, diving board and inflatables that provide fun and excitement for all.

Jump in the water’s fine!