campers arriving on the bus to medolark


Transportation Methods To Camp

Flight Details:

There will be a a surcharge for airport pickups on non-travel days.

Transportation Methods From Camp

Flight Details:

There will be a a surcharge for airport pickups on non-travel days.

Permission To Leave Camp

This form is very important for the camp administration to as a way to clearly record in advance your preferences concerning your child’s permission to leave camp, particularly when a relative arrives, a friend’s parent(s) arrive, or if there is a custodial issue in a family. If you have checked off the portion indicating your child is not permitted to leave camp, or if we do not have a signed form on file, Camp Medolark will not permit your child to leave camp with anyone except the child’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s), or with our own camp staff.

I hereby authorize that restrictions and length of stay out of camp for my child may be determined by the person(s) whom I have authorized above.

I understand that Camp Medolark assumes no liability for any injury, illness, or other circumstances that may occur off of the camp’s property under the supervision of these appointed adult(s). I also grant that it is not necessary for the camp or any individual to contact either myself or any other legal guardian(s) of my child prior to my child’s departure from the camp property with these appointed adult(s). I understand that by checking this box, I agree to the above paragraphs.

Medolark Camper Agreement

All families must print and sign the Medolark Camper Agreement, expressing their willingness to support and abide by the Med-O-Lark guidelines.

Additional Extras

If you have not already signed up for horseback riding or whitewater rafting and you would like to, please check the appropriate boxes. We will include the extra charge(s) on your camp invoice. If you have already paid your camp tuition and did not previously sign up for these extras, please send payment.

1. Non-refundable fee 

2. Early morning departure (usually 5:30 am) 

3. Lunch is included 

4. This is a full day trip 

* Senior campers get a free rafting trip which is included in their camp fees

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